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Expect Advertising, Inc.

Expect Advertising, Inc. is a full-service advertising agency and our services include:

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Someone once said that good advertising is nothing but a nice design. At Expect Advertising, Inc., we believe that effective advertising is the battle of the minds - and creative is only one dimension of that challenge. Creative is what a customer sees. The ad message makes the customer think. Branding makes them feel and persistence makes them act. The Expect team carefully combines these components to craft a positioning idea that becomes the foundation for brand differentiation.

The product comes first - and the goal is to decisively position your product in the customer's mind. Our objective is to make your product stand out from the competition. We propose a simplified message with a value proposition so your product is "heard" above the continuous stream of advertising that bombards today's customers.

We subscribe to the vision that you may be manufacturing lipstick-but you are selling hope.

While our competition may come to you with one idea and say, "Here it is. How do you like it?" we dig deeper, explore various angles and present an array of ideas to select from and develop programs that work across a variety of platforms, such as:


When you need marketing services for your brand, reach for
Expect Advertising, Inc.

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• Branding  Open >>

Branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition - it is about getting your prospective customer to see you as the only one who provides a solution to their problem. Expect Advertising, Inc. has a long history of developing and managing brands for our clients. We believe that branding always begins with a business strategy - and the brand, in turn, becomes the emblem of that strategy.

Our work in branding encompasses the following capabilities:

Brand Architecture Development
Brand Logo Design Development
Brand Messaging Development
Brand Name Development
Brand Positioning Development
Brand Research
Strategic Planning
Trademark, Domain Name and -ve Connotation Research

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• Creative Design  Open >>

Great design speaks for itself - it is the face of all business strategies. A design can be subtle, conservative, loud or out-of-the box, but it must complement your overall business strategy and vision. At the end of the day, the design should get your brand noticed and provoke a strong, positive response. Design is vital in all executions, such as:

Annual Reports
Corporate Identity
Direct Marketing
Print Material
Sales Programs
Trade Shows
Web Sites

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• Creative Writing  Open >>

Whatever your needs - creative, technical or academic writing - our staff has versatile experience in a variety of styles and media to influence and engage your audience through headlines, ads, messaging, collaterals, PR, blogs or one-on-one communication material. We believe effective writing is what touches the hearts and minds of customers and helps your brand stand out.

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• Database Marketing  Open >>

We have experience in building business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands in the healthcare industry using both offline and online techniques. We have developed successful direct response, direct mail and e-mail based campaigns utilizing database marketing for a variety of companies.

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• Integrated Marketing  Open >>

We can help your company dramatically strengthen and improve customer relationships through cohesive strategies and plans that include personalization and customization of the user experience. We work with all parts of the marketing mix to ensure the target audience is surrounded with consistent brand messaging.

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• Interactive Marketing  Open >>

Our capable team will develop interactive solutions that dazzle and delight. Whether it's a website, blog, social media, SEO management or web advertising, we can provide complete web experience in a cost-efficient manner for a higher ROI. Our interactive strategy may include:

CD-Roms And Dvds
Database Design & Management
E-Mail Marketing
ROI Assessment
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
3D Graphics
Video And Digital Production
Web Analytics
Web Banner Ads
Website Design And Development
Web Education Programs
Web Marketing Research
Web Training Programs

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• Loyalty Programs  Open >>

At Expect Advertising, Inc. we understand the power and economics of repeat customers. We can help you design and implement compelling loyalty programs to keep internal and external customers returning to your brand.

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• Marketing Research  Open >>

Expect Advertising. Inc.s team includes a group of market research experts who have training in state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research techniques in various industries: this helps us identify marketing opportunities for your brand.

Email and Web-based Surveys
Focus Groups
Intercept Interviews
In-depth Interviews
Internet-based Research
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Telephone Surveys
Triads Research

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• Media  Open >>

Our client's media budget is our primary emphasis at Expect Advertising, Inc. We prioritize the best possible media opportunities by qualitatively assessing each media component. Our established relationships with media franchises allow us to deliver the best pricing, services and outcomes. Media management includes:

Banner Marketing
Broadcast Media (television and radio)
Digital Media
Direct Marketing
Interactive Media
Media Planning and Media Buying
Outdoor Media
Print Media
Search Engines Advertising
Sponsorship Opportunities
Syndicated Marketing
Trade show media

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• Public Relations  Open >>

Public Relations (PR) is the art of putting your best foot forward and proudly showing the strengths of your brand. Our PR people can help you "show off" with product launches, brand management, crises management, web blogs and social media. We can craft PR releases and work trade shows. PR activities may include:

Blogs Development
Company and Brand Publicity
Crises Management
Employee Communications
Event Planning
Media Relations
Product Launches
PR Releases
Social Media Management

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• Strategic Marketing Services  Open >>

Strategic planning is at the core of our idea development process. An in-depth analysis of our client's brand, competition, customers, distribution and pricing is performed before developing an idea to differentiate and succeed. Strategic marketing services may encompass the following:

Business Analytics
Creative Testing
Industry Research
Marketing Plan Development
Positioning Research
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Strategic Planning

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• Non-Personal Promotion  Open >>

Our Non-Personal Capabilities include:

Brand Message
Print Collaterals
Direct Mail
Journal Advertising
Fax Broadcast
IVR Programs
Landing Page
Web Banners
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
iPad Apps
Mobile Apps
KOL Video
Case Studies Video
Highlights Video
Tradeshow Displays
HCP Education Programs
Patient Education Programs
Case Studies Print
Slide Kit
KOL Relationship
Advisory Board
Roundtable Programs
Highlight Brochures
Market Surveys
Medically Relevant Premiums

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Strategic Planning and Market Research
Branding and Identity Development
Advertising and Promotion
Public Relations, Publication Planning and Media Planning
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Advocacy Development
Collaterals, Direct Marketing and Trade Shows
Web Design, Web Development and Database Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and eBlast Marketing
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn)
National Associations, Organizations and Wholesalers Marketing
Customers and Sales Force Training and Motivation

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We believe marketing should be one-on-one whether it is print, broadcast or the web. It's time to stand out from the crowd and become a brand leader. Take the first step, call Ravi Sachdev at (973) 777-8886, Ext. 101.
Expect Advertising, Inc. has the proven ability to develop and deploy fully integrated
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Expect Advertising, Inc.
Expect Advertising, Inc.
Expect Advertising, Inc. Expect Advertising, Inc. Expect Advertising, Inc.
Expect Advertising, Inc.
Expect Advertising, Inc.
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